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A Brief History of Black Tie Club International

Black Tie Club International formed in Toronto, Canada in 1990. 

The Club was founded to host events where members can meet new people who share our common outlook, to have fun and to enjoy one another's company in a Black Tie setting.
The Club's Founder has always believed that, no matter what you may look like, when you put on a tux you look adorable! Our dinners are Black Tie Only — with no exceptions.

Chapters across North America

Black Tie Club started as an 18-member local group in Toronto.  Soon some friends heard about the group and wanted to start a chapter in their own area and be linked to the Toronto group.  We now have more than 900 members in 19 local chapters across North America (see map below) plus an international chapter.

Local events

Every Black Tie Club chapter has at least two cocktail parties and dinners each year, but many chapters have four or more dinners and other more casual events for their members each year.  All members are sent invitations to their own chapter's cocktail parties and dinners.  When members are traveling in any area where another chapter is hosting a dinner, the visiting member can contact the local chapter to enquire whether there is room for them to attend.

Annual international event

Black Tie Club International invites the members of all of its local chapters to attend one club-wide annual event each year.  The location and theme for this special annual event changes from year to year.  These four-day affairs are thoroughly enjoyed by all the members who attend.  Black Tie Club International also occasionally organizes trips for groups of club members to world-wide destinations.

The Black Tie Club International Magazine

Black Tie Club International produces a color magazine with articles about local chapter dinners, news items, a listing of upcoming dinners and other chapter events and many other interesting reports.

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Our motto is: "An organization promoting Good Fellowship, Excellent Food and Superb Wine”.

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